Monday, August 24, 2009


This one comes with a sad tail.

I was sent all of the photos you are about to view by Jason, Pore Jason had the ring in hand with this one until he found this on her laptop. And to make it all even worse the date you see on them photos were the day of there anniversary that she just had to stay late at work. Now if I may say myself that is one cold heartless bitch. The two men Jason noticed are both from the office were the heartless bitch works, so she just might have had to bring work home I guess.

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1 comment:

bigbob13 said...

Well shame for Jason, hooray for the rest of men, still some free unashamed c**t for the rest of the world, excellent pics, not too much 'male' in the pics, just the right quantity, she is a bit of a babe, hoo's can still be babes ya know